Gallery Information

Kismet Rug Gallery

Kismet Fine Rugs, LLC
150 East Broadway
PO Box 6368
Jackson, WY 83002

Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM

Gallery Information:


Jackson Hole Location: 150 East Broadway, Jackson WY 83001


Kismet Fine Rugs in Jackson Hole is one of the largest rug galleries in the United States. With a storefront facade featuring floor-to-ceiling retractable glass, clients can browse a large selection of styles and types of rug, during the spring and summer seasons. Stepping inside the gallery, a catalog of over 12,000 rugs are housed within a 18,000 square foot display room, with a fireplace to keep warm during the fall and winter seasons.


Billings, MT Location: 112 North Broadway Billings, MT 59101



Kismet Fine Rugs in Billings, Montana is located in the heart of downtown, across from the Norton Hotel. We are proud to revitalize a beautiful area of the city.