Hadji Jalili: Tabrīz, Iran is located in the northwestern portion of the country Hadji (Haj) Jalili rugs and carpets are possibly the most elusive rugs in the market. It is unknown whether or not Hadji Jalili was an actual workshop or a contractor of higher end rugs. These rugs met the highest of standards for Tabriz rugs. Whatever the case may be, it is widely known that many of the finest Persian Tabriz rugs from the fourth quarter of the 19th century are almost always attributed to Hadji Jalili, despite lack of evidence. The colors most common to these carpets include burnt orange, ivory, black, gold, aqua blue, and many others. Silk on silk attributions often have 375+ KPSI, and colors featured include ivory, brown, bright aqua blue, and subtle earthy tones