Kuba Rugs were considered the best rugs of the Caucasus when they were originally produced. The 5 Lezgi tribes primarily populated Kuba and the rugs appear to have been made by Lezgi (largest of the Lezgi Ethno-Linguistic group) and Tabassaran weavers. The Lezgi/Tabassaran weave is a denser than most Caucasian rugs, symmetrically knotted, ribbed back and tends towards blue selvages. It has been suggested to me that Lezgi sub-group of Lezgi run a supplementary weft several inch into the field at irregular intervals. Kuba rugs come in many qualities, but non-are sub-standard. Patterns can repeat themes from neighboring Perpedil, Konagkend, and Seichur, but a Kuba usually has a border with a variant of the “Running Dog”, stars, carnations, and/or flowers. The field is usually a dark indigo. Warps are light or light brown, wefts are double and light, selvages double and light.