Nain rugs and carpets are made in Nain, Iran. Among Persian rugs, Nains are perhaps the more technical weavings made today. The way in which Nain rugs are graded is on a Laa scale, which literally translates and refers to “layers” or ply of each warp the rug is woven upon. Nain rugs and carpets are perhaps some of the more recognizable weavings produced today. The coloring is very fresh and clean. Nain is one of the few cities that use white wool as a predominant color. They are often easily identified by their heavy use of navy blue (often a field color), white (often a field color), cream, and some reds. While Nain “design” rugs are made in many different colors, most of the true Nains, or ones which are not from outlying cities, are consistently of a higher quality of 225 KPSI or greater. Interestingly enough, despite the higher quality, it’s very unusual for a Nain rug or carpet to feature more than 8 different colors total.

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