Rug Care

Your rug is more than a floor covering or wall hanging–It is a work of art that should last hundreds of years. To maintain its quality and lifespan, it is important to keep the rug clean and monitor its condition.

Rug Pad:

A rug pad is the first step to maintaining your rug. A quality rug pad will protect your rug from wear, dirt, and slippage. In addition to protecting the rug from damage it will also make vacuuming more effective.


Regularly vacuuming your rug will remove harmful grit that may stain or age it. Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to be effective and thorough. Do not use the beater bar, which can damage your rug and shorten the fringe.

Frequency of vacuuming depends on how much traffic the rug is exposed to. A rug that is used often should be vacuumed often to maintain its condition.

Sun Protection:

Constant rays from the sun can cause a rug to fade over time. To protect the rug you may close the draperies during the brightest time of day, or you may buy a film or screen for your windows to block harsh UV rays from hitting it.

It is recommended that once per year you rotate the rug 180 degrees so sun and traffic are distributed equally.


It is recommended that you use plastic caps on the feet of heavy furniture to prevent the rug’s pile from being crushed and creating dents that cause the rug to appear aged.