Custom Rug Cleaning

Besides elegant looks and style, your rugs contribute to you and your family’s health and well-being. One of the greatest, but often overlooked benefits of your rug is its contribution to healthier indoor air quality. Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home by absorbing dust, bacteria, and allergens. To maximize this function, your rugs require proper care, handled by a professional company who specializes in hand-washing.

Here at Kismet Fine Rugs, we have a unique way of hand-washing rugs with all-natural, organic soap. This process restores the proper moisture back into your rug to protect its original lanolin richness helping provide you and your family the best air quality in your home.


If dealt with immediately a spill can often be blotted up with ease before a stain occurs.
Use a moist, clean cloth to blot from the edges of the spill to the center. Use a white cloth, as colored cloths can bleed their pigment into the rug’s fibers. If you feel you need to use soap, you can use shampoo, because the protein structure in wool is similar to human hair. Do not scrub, as this could drive the stain more deeply into the wool.
Once you have cleaned the area of the spill, elevate the damp portion of the rug onto a small stool or box to dry it and prevent any possibility of rotting.

Things NOT to do:

–> Do NOT use home remedies for stain removal. Home remedies often cause irreversible damage to the coloring and texture. Never use chemicals. If you are unable to remove the spot after performing the method described above, please call us at Kismet Fine Rugs and we will assist you.

–> Do NOT place potted plants on top of your rug.Even with a basin beneath the pot or with a leak-proof pot it is possible for moisture to cause irreversible damage such as mold, mildew, rotting, and discoloration.

–>Do NOT wait to care for a rug after it has been exposed to water.
Rugs exposed to flooding need to receive immediate attention to maintain their life span and to avoid rotting and mold growth. Small rugs can be hung to dry outside. Large rugs should be water-vacuumed and then dried with space heaters and/or hair dryers. Be sure to elevate the larger rugs to ensure they are thoroughly dry from front and back. We recommend having any rugs exposed to flooding professionally cleaned.

Professional Cleaning

The best way to maintain the quality and lifespan of the fine rug is to schedule regular professional cleanings. Kismet Fine Rugs recommends special cleanings every two to three years to keep pile plush, colors vibrant, and the rug lustrous.

In addition, one of the most beneficial but often overlooked advantages of rugs is their contribution to healthier indoor air quality. The carpet is the biggest filter in the home, absorbing dust, bacteria, and allergens. To maximize this function, careful hand washing by professionals is necessary.

At Kismet Fine Rugs we have a professional and thorough way of hand washing rugs, using all-natural, organic soaps. Our process restores moisture and protects the richness of the lanolin so the integrity of the fine rug is honored and the durability is maintained.