Top 3 Original Design Rugs We Have In Our Boutique

One-of-a-Kind Hummingbird, 9 x 12 feet

This one-of-a-kind rug is a 9×12 ft. size. A week has not gone by without a customer stopping in to gaze at its intricate weave and open design. It is newly made and hand woven, and is a wonderful wool and silk blend. Soft! The two large hummingbirds gracefully swoop between the flowers. It is the most exquisite rug you can see close up and its crisp design and beautiful pattern create a feeling of peace.

Top 3 Rug Designs - Humming Bird - Kismet Fine Rugs

Colorful Contemporary, 9 x 12 feet

Another one-of-a-kind, this 9×12 ft. is newly designed by Kismet owner, Jeff. It is a blend of silk and wool, and has a raised texture. The neon colors create dimensions across the neutral background. This rug has about sixty different color threads! This contemporary style rug is truly lovely and wonderfully modern.

Antique Serapi, 10 x 14 feet

This masterpiece rug is a 10×14 ft. and an antique Serapi design. It currently hangs on display directly behind our front desk in our boutique. Clients who come in to look at small rugs fall in love with this beautiful piece and request a version in their size. It is a collector’s item in excellent condition. A traditional and classic style with wonderful coloring.